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Antique Signet 10K Gold OB Ostby & Barton Cameo Gladiator Tigers Eye Ring ~ Titanic History

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Own a piece of the Titanic history!  This antique ring was made by Englehart C. Ostby and Nathan B. Barton signed OB 10K.  Their partnership began on July 1, 1879, in Providence, Rhode Island USA and ended in 1912 when Mr. Ostby died on the Titanic.  Later on, Mr. Ostby's daughter continued making jewelry but changed the hallmark to read OB with a circle around it.

  • Jewelry Maker:  OB ~ Ostby & Barton
  • Gemstone:  Carved Tigers Eye Roman Gladiator Cameo
  • Material:  10K Yellow Gold
  • Size:  10
  • Era:  1879 - 1912 (Victorian into Edwardian)
  • Condition:  Very good condition for the age.  There is a chip in the tiger's eye bottom left corner.  Gemstone still holds solid in setting.  Also, scratches on the outer bottom side of band.  Looks like someone tested the gold at one time in that location.

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